Quality Management

Uniform quality standards

In order to safeguard the uniform and internationally comparable standard, the Test Center has to meet a number of requirements prior to the authorisation as an ECDL Test Center. Thus the quality level is guaranteed - from the equipment of the building and examination rooms to the trained staff. All these measures are taken for the benefit of the ECDL candidates.


Apart from complying with valid standards and legal regulations the rooms have to show some quality features which facilitate concentrated working at the computer screen: sufficient noise control, enough oxygen (either adequate height of room or air condition), optimal lighting for the working place, sufficient space per examination PC and more.

Hard- and software | trainers

The necessary hard- and software have to be up to date and must be available permanently. The institute has to train two or more people for the ECDL. The Austrian Computer Society (OCG) carries out these trainings and authorises the trainers to conduct ECDL examinations once they have successfully passed the exams for the seven modules.

The above measures guarantee the quality standard which equally applies to all ECDL Test Centers.  In Austria the OCG guarantees for this standard, in all other countries the respective computer societies are responsible for it. In order to keep up this high quality standard required for the ECDL, the OCG inspects each ECDL Test Center at least every other year. A staff member of the OCG will visit the training institution and observe the compliance with the given guidelines.