Frequently asked questions about ECDL Certifications in Austria

What does ECDL mean?

ECDL stands for European Computer Driving Licence. The ECDL is a European further education initiative to train and certify computer skills. Uniform syllabi, test systems and certificates make them internationally comparable.

Read more on our homepage About ECDL > ECDL Initiative...

Who is behind the ECDL?

The ECDL Foundation is behind the ECDL. It is a non-profit organisation with seat in Dublin, Ireland. It guarantees the high internationally uniform standard.

In Austria the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) is the national operator of the ECDL Foundation.

How much does the ECDL cost?

The price for a certificate consists of the Skills Card (= registration fee) and the test fee.

The OCG gives price recommendations. You will find them on the homepage at the respective certificate.
The Test Centers may charge different prices.

Continuing education:

Price recommendation for the ECDL Base/Standard:

  • Skills Card (ID): EUR 66.-
  • 1 module test: EUR 34.-
  • Total ECDL Standard and Base: : EUR 304.-(1 Skills Card and 7 test fees)

ECDL Advanced

  • Skills Card: € 44
  • Test: € 44,-
  • Total: € 88,-


  • Skills Card: EUR 77.-
  • Test: EUR 44.-
  • Total: EUR 121.-

Image Editing, Web Editing

  • Skills Card: € 44
  • Test: € 33,-
  • Total: € 77,-


  • Skills Card: € 44,- 
  • Test: € 44,-
  • Total: € 88,-

For information on costs for courses and training please contact your ECDL Test Center.

How to find an ECDL Test Center?

Here you can find the ECDL Test Centers where courses for certificates as well as the required tests are offered. The Test Center Search is in German.

Link: http://www.ecdl.at/test-center-suche

Which ECDL Test Center is the best one for me?

The following questions will help you find the ECDL Test Center best for you:

  • Which ECDL certificate do you want to gain?
  • Which software do you want to use for your certificate?
  • Do you want to attend a preparatory course?
  • When and how often are ECDL tests offered?
  • Which test system is used for the tests?

You will get detailed information at the authorised ECDL Test Centers in your neighbourhood.

What is a syllabus?

An ECDL syllabus is a document which lists all knowledge and skills for the respective module. Each ECDL module has its own separate syllabus. For the ECDL tests you must learn these contents.

You may download the syllabi as pdf-files.

What is a Skills Card?

The Skills Card is an electronic data record where all the candidate's ECDL test results are entered. When an automatic test system is used, the results are synchronised right after the test (ECDL Base/Standard, ECDL Advanced). The results of ECDL Web Editing, Image Editing and ECDL CAD tests are manually entered into the data base.

You buy the Skills Card at the Test Center before you take your first test. With the Skills Card you get the access data for the certificate data base to check and up-date your personal data, to check your test results and download and print your certificates.

What is my Skills Card number and how do I get it?

Befor you do your first certificate test you will buy your Skills Card (=registration fee with login data) at your Test Center. This Skills Card has an individuall running number.

Whenever you contact us at the OCG (e.g. login data or password lost, exam results) please keep your Skills Card number at hand.

How long is my Skills Card valid?

As of 1 September 2013 your Skills Card does not expire. Life-long learning means you can use your Skills Card to earn new ECDL modules as long as you want to.

Do I have to attend a course to sit for an ECDL test?

You do not have to attend a course. 
You can learn everything in self-study. Approved learning material is available (in German only). Please go to the homepage of the ECDL foundation for information on approved English learning material.

To sit for an ECDL test you must register in an authorised ECDL Test Center.

Where and how do I find learning material for ECDL tests?

We offer learning material in German only. You will find all approved learning material for ECDL certificates on our homepage at Service Learning material

Do I have to sit for all tests at the same ECDL Test Center?

No, you don't. Each ECDL Test Center must allow any candidate to sit for any exam.

How can I prepare for an ECDL test?

You can choose between training course and self-study. Before you sit for the ECDL test you should use the syllabus as a checklist to make sure that you have acquired all necessary skills.

You can also do demo tests for automatic test systems. Moreover, we recommend doing a manual demo test because it shows the structure and extent of an ECDL test.

Have you got any tips for the tests?
  • Read  all questions very carefully! Each single word is important!
  • Do exactly as you are told - no more, no less!
  • Work accurately to show your knowledge and skills!
When have I passed my ECDL test?

For each ECDL test you must answer at least 75 % of all tasks correctly to pass.

How many modules have I already passed successfully?

Go to the login area on the ECDL homepage and enter your personal data and your password. You will find an overview of your passed modules there.

If you need help, please call our hotline: +43 1 512 02 35-50

How do I get my certificate after the test(s)?

As soon as you have passed all necessary tests, the OCG automatically issues your certificate and sends it to the address entered by the Test Center.

Attention: The ECDL Base Certificate is not issued automatically. If you want to have a Base Certificate issued, please notify the Test Center which will order it for you. Alternatively, you may also contact the OCG office via e-mail or phone.

If you do not get your certificate within two weeks after your last exam, please call our hotline: +43 1 512 02 35-50

I have passed 8 module exams. Why are there only 7 modules shown on my certificate?

The ECDL Standard consists of 7 modules, therefore, only 7 modules can be shown on the certificate. The first seven modules you have passed are shown on the ECDL certificate which you have received.

All tests you have taken are, of course, included in your personal ECDL Profile in the Data Base. You can print your ECDL Profile any time as pdf file.

Can I view my exam?

Please contact the examiner of the Test Center, where you have done your exam, to discuss the syllabus categories with you.

To view a particular exam, please contact the OCG hotline: +43 1 512 02 35-50

How long is my ECDL certificate valid?

Your ECDL certificate does not expire.

But: The certificate shows the age of the certificate and the software you used. If you need a certificate for your most recent skills you should consider gaining a new ECDL certificate.

Where and how do I get my password

You got a password for the certificate data base when you bought your Skills Card.

When you forget your password you can ask for a new one. Just enter your personal data at the login page. As soon as you have answered the security question correctly you will receive your new password.

If you cannot answer the security question please contact us (form for new password in German only, please contact our hotline if you need help: +43 1 512 02 35-50).

How can I change my personal data?

Go to the LOGIN page and register. You can change your data, view your exam data and download existing certificates. If you have forgotten your password, please contact our office hotline: 0043 1 512 02 35-50.

The fee for issuing a new certificate after a name change is the same as for a duplicate, i.e. EUR 10.-. 

Which certificates can I earn after the ECDL Standard?

Read the following statements and follow the links:

I've started the ECDL abroad - how shall I continue in Austria?

Of course you can continue your tests in Austria. We take over your exam data from your Test Center abroad. To do so, we need your personal data and your Skills Card Number.

Please contact us personally.

Our hotline number: +43 1 512 02 35-50

The AMS asked for a cost estimate for my ECDL training. Where do I get it?

You will get a cost estimate for the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) directly at the ECDL Test Center of your choice.

What does ICDL mean?

ICDL means International Computer Driving License and is used for the ECDL outside of Europe.