ECDL Computing

Modul ECDL Computing This module sets out essential concepts and skills relating to the ability to use computational thinking and coding to create simple computer programs. The programming language Python is used for the module. The module targets everybody who is interested, especially young people as of grade 7. The ECDL Modul Computing is available as individual certificate and as elective module for the certificate ECDL Standard in Education Austria. Outside school ECDL Computing is offered as individual module.



Candidates will be able to

  • Understand key concepts relating to computing and the typical activities involved in creating a program
  • Understand and use computational thinking techniques like problem decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithms to analyse a problem and develop solutions
  • Understand key principles and terms associated with coding and the importance of well-structured and documented code
  • Understand and use programming constructs like variables, data types, and logic in a program
  • Improve efficiency and functionality by using iteration, conditional statements, procedures and functions, as well as events and commands in a program
  • Test and debug a program and ensure it meets requirements before release


The syllabus is the basis for the test (see Syllabus). Exam time: 45 minutes.