ECDL in apprentice training

In Austria apprenticeship has a long tradition. The ECDL is a valuable addition for these young people and gives them a crucial advantage for their career.


Statements on the success of the ECDL


Computer confidence for apprentices

Many of our apprentices are sceptical about computers at the beginning. We often hear statements like “Not new” and “I’ve done that before”. Once the young people have immersed themselves in the modules, however, we see more and more “aha” effects. One of my favourite is “So that’s how it works? That’s easy!” Our commercial and technical apprentices gain self-confidence for their work on the computer. In a straightforward way they are taught to work independently and they become familiar with spreadsheets and databases. They enjoy exchanging their newly acquired skills and knowledge among peers. Different training approaches are available to them: With e-learning and teamwork they succeed in mastering also the more challenging modules. I’m very happy that we can provide our apprentices with additional key qualifications for a successful career using quick and simple methods.

Robert Burschitschek
Siemens AG Austria

ECDL – added value for apprenticeship

When the apprentices of the REWE Group finish their apprenticeship it is important that they have acquired profound basic skills and knowledge in various fields. Working on the computer and using various applications efficiently is definitely among those skills. Therefore, the ECDL Base certification is part of our seminar programme that supplements the training in the different departments and in vocational school. We chose the ECDL because with the module exams we have proof that the apprentices have actually got the necessary know-how. Gaining an ECDL certificate also adds value to the apprenticeship for the young people.

Doris Rannegger
REWE International AG

Practice-oriented contents and exams

ECDL Standard is an absolute must for our apprentices. Contents that answer the needs of daily work and practice-oriented exams guarantee that we send out well-trained apprentices to our partners. ECDL is also a very good basis for further competences in direct mailings, price calculations and target-group oriented presentations. Especially the latest OCG tool – Sophia diagnostic tests – has been well received by the apprentices. With the ECDL Advanced our best apprentices earn an expert certificate for their future career.

Thomas Weiher
Apprenticeship training BFI IT-L@Bs, Carinthia

ECDL – double benefit

The ever-increasing digitalization and interconnectedness have made skills in new technologies an important prerequisite to succeed in private and professional life. With the ECDL apprentices acquire the necessary competences and take a step in this direction. ECDL has a double benefit: The modules are constantly adapted and the standard is internationally recognised. The vocational school for apprentices St. Veit/Glan (Carinthia) even offers the ECDL to all its apprentices free of charge.

Karl Maicher
Vocational school for apprentices St. Veit/Glan, Carinthia